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Saturday, April 01, 2006

trying to learn this technology stuff...

ok, i was born in 1975, so i am not one of those people who grew up with nintendo, computers, and what not. Yes, we had pong, and atari, but by the time nintendo came out i was in my rebelious teen years...
so, i am a bit computer stupid to say the least. most of my friends are good at this stuff and i thought i better try to learn, to that is the purpose of creating this blog. i want to learn so i am not stuck in the early eighties any more. i mean, i figured out that tight rolling my jeans wasn't the thing anymore a few years back, but i still have some catching up to do.
also, i wanted my family and friends who don't see us often to watch our beutiful children grow. i am going to attempt to post pics and stories as often as i can. thanks for stopping by my blog!!


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